Important changes to Speech and Language referrals

Virgin Care have now launched a single point of access (also known as SPA) – a single website, telephone number and address for all referrals and questions about the services Virgin Care runs on behalf of the local authority and the NHS

Referrals for SALT now need to go via the Virgin Care SPA - not the DART.

The SPA will be the first point of contact for children, young people, families, GPs and health and social care professionals to reach and access support from Wiltshire Children’s Community Service.

People can be directed to contact the team on 0300 247 0090, via email or by visiting Single Point of Access is not a call centre, walk-in centre for patients or a Hub for a single service, no hands on physical care takes place and is not an additional service, it is a way of bringing existing services together.

Children and families will find services more accessible, with service delivery remaining the same with no changes made to the way services are run.


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